Meet The Sculptor: Igor Mitoraj

Igor Mitoraj, born in 1944, studied painting at the Krakow Academy of Art under Tadeusz Kantor. In 1968 he left Poland and devoted his life to sculpture. His first solo exhibition at the Parisian Galerie La Hune in 1976 was a great success.mitoraj.1 No less successful were the next exhibitions — in New York (New York Academy of Art, 1989), Florence (the Bobola Gardens, 1999),  Lausanne (The Olympic Museum, 2001). mitoraj.4The works by the distinguished sculptor belong to prestigious museums or public and private art collections in such places as the United States, Japan, France or Tokyo. They can also be admired in some extraordinary locations: surrounded by historical architecture or in modern city districts.

mitoraj.2Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture – Eros Bendato – has been raised at the Market Square next to the Krakow’s Town Hall Tower. The nearly two-ton bronze casting is the artist’s gift for the City of Krakow.

mitoraj.5Until his death in Paris in October 2014, Igor Mitoraj lived and worked in Tuscany, Italy, in the town of Pietrasanta, a picturesque town in the province of Lukka, near the City of Carrara and close to the quarry which once supplied Michelangelo with beautiful marble for his magnificent masterpieces.mitoraj.3 In recognition of his talent and artistic merit the town awarded Mitoraj the honorary city citizenship. Following Mitoraj’s death his ashes were brought to their final resting place in Pietrasanta, where he had made his home.mitorajBefore his death, Mitoraj had chosen the exact locations for the 30 sculptures that will go on display in a traveling exhibition at Pompeii, starting May 14.mitoraj.jpgFollowing the artist’s wishes and under the artistic direction of Luca Pizza from the Atelier Mitoraj, the 30 large-scale sculptures depicting imposing mythological characters face off with the most well-known architecture of the ancient city after being placed in key locations in the archeological site of Pompeii — from the Forum to the Basilica, from the Gladiators’ Barracks to the Via dell’Abbondanza.mitoraj.jpg


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