In a note to clients out Tuesday, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said there’s a 20%-50% chance that we’re living in the matrix — meaning that the world we experience as “real” is actually just a simulation.

The firm cites comments from Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Nick Bostrom’s seminal paper on the issue as the basis for its 20%-50% view.

There are lots of mentions of BAML’s latest example of eccentricity everywhere. Here is a short article in Yahoo Finance. I find the comments to the article to be truly entertaining —  sarcastic, disdainful, fantastical, angry, pseudo-scientific — an incredible range of responses quite unusual for an article about a bank’s note to clients. One of the comments, for instance, says: 

“I prefer bankers providing me with checking services rather than with my philosophical musings.” 

Yet another:

“Is that like some kinda preemptive ruse for when they actually rob my account, they’ll now be able to blame the “architect” or a “Smith” did it ? We live in sad times indeed.”

Indeed. Banks’ profits, on the other hand, is a rather impressive simulation, with very real dollar signs all over it.


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