Russian Hack Of WADA: Cyber-detective’s Opinion

«Если бы эти преступники устроили атаку, то за один день нельзя было бы понять, кто это сделал...»

The Fancy Bears hack is “an extension of a political beat-up from disgruntled people in Russia” which is clearly targeting WADA. “It’s trying to draw the conclusion that WADA is complicit in allowing athletes to dope to deflect from the fact that Russia was complicit in allowing athletes to dope,” says Richard Ings, who as a former president of the Australian Anti‑Doping Agency and senior executive of the ATP tennis tour.

“WADA has no doubt that these ongoing attacks are being carried out in retaliation against the agency and the global antidoping system because of our independent…investigations that exposed state-sponsored doping in Russia,” said Olivier Niggli, the group’s director general.

Криминалисты из интернета: как устроено главное в России кибердетективное агентство

All right then. This handsome lad is Ilya Sachkov, the founder of Group-IB: Global Cyber Security Company, as featured in Forbes. He is a quintessential cyber-detective, a head of a private company employing a number of the best and finest anti-hackers in the world. And Microsoft can vouch for this.  His opinion about the WADA database huck differs greatly from the opinions of sports leaders, WADA officials and politicians.

Mr. Sachkov is Russian, all right. The very fact that his company is — among other things, but first and foremost — in a business of turning profit,  makes him sufficiently cosmopolitan, in my opinion, to be a true professional and to opine objectively. There is no point for Mr. Sachkov to make unsubstantiated claims and risk his reputation, is there? It would be unwise, wouldn’t it, given his company’s global status and where some of his money come from.

This is what the handsome lad from the Forbes picture has to say about Fancy Bears and WADA hack:

An attack of this kind is a rather dangerous undertaking. It attracts huge amount of attention, including that of various Western intelligence agencies. Assuming that these criminals indeed committed this cyber-attack, then it would be impossible to figure out who’d done it in one day. As a criminologist, I would rather wait for the results of proper investigation, then charges, and only afterwards the accusation. It’s simply impossible to come to any conclusion in a matter of one day. Sometimes it’s impossible in a matter of months. […]

There is no such criminal group. […] Connection of this cyber-attack with previous ones is tenuous at best. As a rule, hackers announce their activities only if they want to be found quickly.  American authorities are capable of arresting anyone virtually anywhere in the world.  Revealing themselves in such manner serves them no purpose.

According to Mr. Sachkov, WADA database hack looks suspiciously staged.

The hack job of this complexity can bring hackers some $20,000. It is a lot easier to steal substantially greater amount of money hacking banks. No hacker will take such risk for the reward this negligible, or as a result of patriotic feelings. Besides, no one needs this hack job, really. Clearly not WADA. Russia wouldn’t be interested since this information has no legal value whatsoever. There are other means of upholding the honor of the Olympians.

The interview with Mr. Sachkov appeared in Translation from Russian is mine. 





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