Kremlin in 3D

Found a site offering 3D tours of Kremlin territory, Kremlin State Theater and –the best of them all — Kremlin’s Teremnoy Palace. Had a great visit. Zoom in and out, go left, right, up and down… Have fun.

The Teremnoy PalaceTeremnoy Palace was built by B. Ogurtsov, T. Sharutin, A.Konstantinov and L. Ushakov in 1635-1636 during the rule of Michael I of Russia. The remains of the Armory were used as a basement. Tsar’s apartments that comprised four rooms of the average size, occupied the second floor.

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kremlim.PNGThe State Kremlin PalaceThe State Kremlin Palace, formerly known as the Kremlin Palace of Congresses was built in 1961 under the management of M.V. Posokhin with the support of Khrushchev on the site of the old building of the Kremlin Armory. The construction lasted for 16 months and the opening was dated for the 22 conference of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Besides congresses, conferences and meetings, the hall is intended for festivals and theatrical performances: operas, ballets and concerts.kremlin.PNGMoscow Kremlin territoryMoscow Kremlin was built on Borovitsky Hill on the left side of the Moscow River. First fortifications, surrounded by ditch and earth mound, were constructed there in 1156. In 1238, during Mongol-Tatar invasion Moscow Kremlin was demolished, in 1339 it was rebuilt; current walls and towers were built in 1485-1516. Today Kremlin houses a residence of Russian President and a lot of historical monuments.


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