Dolls With A Message

_DSC0327Doll “WIFE”, Author Marina Bychkova, Canada

In the words of the doll-maker: Playing with doll-brides, romantic little girls dream of growing up, marrying a handsome prince and live happily ever after in a partnership of two loving hearts. The doll-maker tries to explore the darker side of marriage. By the way, contrary to the stereotype, the violent aggressor may as well be a representative of a weaker sex. All the love stories end in a wedding. And then what?_DSC0330“Survivor” Doll, Author Marina Bychkova, Canada

The tragic image of this doll is a tribute to  women who survived.It is also a tribute to those who could not win …. I beg you – take care of yourself, watch your health, do a mammogram at least once a year. In this creation I express my personal fear of this terrible disease, my clear understanding that one day I may hear, “You have breast cancer.” I can only hope to be as brave as those who faced this disease and conquered it. (Marina Bychkova, excerpt, translation.)

15588Doll “Nicole”, Author Methos, Israel

Nicole is a nightmare of Mitos’ childhood. Once he saw a plaster cast of an ancient female torso, headless and limbless. What is more important in a human body, the most beautiful and attractive? Nicole embodies the fear of amputation, one of the most powerful of fears.


Doll “ALICE”, Author Natas, France

Loosely translating Natas’ own word:  “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass.
A child is inevitably grows up, gradually growing into a reality, entangled in it, as into a web. Creating our own world, we are running out of time and effort since, growing up, we are more and more concerned with demands of everyday life. Fulfilling these obligations gives us a realistic view of the world , professionalism and routine and, gradually, robs us of magic. Then the rabbit becomes just a rabbit, and the cat never smiles…

But there are exceptions among us — the cranks that never seem to mature. They are different — odd, slightly detached, asking odd questions. They see many of our everyday problems in a different light.  These people aren’t of this world, we often say condescendingly and… enviously. Because not everyone has a luxury to remain a child, living by one’s  own rules. But is it possible to spend one’s entire life in a rabbit hole? And not get bored to tears? It looks like our Alice knows the answer to this question.shocking-art-2012-mimi

Doll “MIMI”, Author Natas, France

The looks are deceiving, as all the external is deceptive. the essence of things. insecurity mask successfully hide dependent, under the veil of romance can be found a liar, beautiful face sometimes masks ugly soul.  We are always on the alert, because of this tend of being deceived all the time. Even the absence of the mask may be a mask. The most elegant way to say a lie is to tell the truth!

Little Mimi is a good girl, we assume, don’t we, although her story remains behind the scenes. There is an ax in her hand. Why? Perhaps, on a freezing autumn evening, she decided to cut some wood for the fireplace. Perhaps — some believe — in a cruel world where she is so helpless and small, she needs an ax to be brave. Might as well, Little Mimi is up to no good…

“What do you think?” the doll-maker asks. He doesn’t know either. No matter how deceptive the looks, our world (and out secrets) are within us. What kind of emotions will prevail is the end? The nature of things are so confusing, both to the artist and to us…


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