Macaroni Art — Pastasutra


 Kama Sutra poses “Chopped Bamboo”,   “Magic Mountain”,   “Lying Lotus”,   “Sleeping Angel” and others recreated entirely from macaroni by  Sergey Pakhomov.

Pasta-artist (yes, he calls himself that way) Sergey Pakhomov from Perm, Russia) in protest against Facebook, censoring even the classic art masterpieces featuring nudity, created his own version of the Kama Sutra, using quite unusual media — macaroni. Boiled macaroni, I assume, since dry pasta isn’t pliable enough, although I haven’t found any references to the actual recipe.

The pasta-artist admits that he wasn’t all that much into the canonical Kama Sutra when he worked on the collection, but was guided primarily by his own experience and imagination. Just as any true artist should, I’m sure.




“Hidden Dragon”

“At some point, my friends began to complain that their posts, even with masterpieces of art, such as Rubens and Michelangelo, were removed, any hint of a naked body deem to hint on porn,” said Sergey. “Well, since I was already widely known in narrow circles (here Sergey uses mock expression widely used by Russians) as a pasta sculptor, I wanted to pillage these modern followers of the holy inquisition. Initially, it was not even a project, the name including. Just a couple of pasta figurines making love. I was sure that my posting of them would be removed and, possibly, I’ll be banned for a month or so. But half an hour passed, an hour, people seem to have understood and supported my venture. And then I crated some more pasta-sculptures. Later, the Erotic Museum of Yekaterinburg expressed interest and organized an exhibition of caricatures, featuring my Pastasutra among other works.” (my own rough translation from Russian here.)


Venus de Milo made of macaroni. This figurine is outside the Pastasutra project.

The past-Venus above is a standalone “sculpture”, just as this one, a macaroni caricature of a military guy.


Edible general

Currently, pasta-sculptor is working on a collection of macaroni-made retro vehicles.

Sergei considers October 25, the World Pasta Day, initiated by the World Pasta Congress of 40 pasta producers in 1995, as his professional holiday.

Should the pasta-sculptor consider switching to spaghetti, perhaps he might take up Pastafarianism as a religion. Just saying…


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