Stages Of Life — Degrés Des âges De L’homme

stages of Life

Stages of Life. 1785-1798.

The source of this post references Les Collections -Le Musée de l’Image | ville d’Épinal and RMN Grand Palais for images. 

stages of Life 8

Stages of Life.  1800.

It is fascinating to see how clothes and accessories have changed over the years. Baby walkers are present in all the paintings whereas toys are varied: dolls, butterfly nets, drums, puppets, hoops.

stages of Life 2

Stages of Life. 1805.

Not too surprising  that in most of the pictures men are dressed in military uniforms. Boys often attired as little military man as well.

stages of Life 3

Stages of Life. 1817.

Angels are ever present on prints ranging from XVIII to the first half of the XIX century, but nearly disappear around 1850s.

stages of Life 4

Stages of Life. 1822.

stages of Life 5

Stages of Life. 1826.

stages of Life 6

Stages of Life.  1840-1852.

stages of Life 7

Stages of Life. 1854.

stages of Life 8

Stages of Life.  1858.

This fabulous selection of prints with a brief overview I found on this Russian site  А МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ, ВСЕ БЫЛО СОВЕРШЕННО ИНАЧЕ…

The logo of the site may be interpreted as And, perhaps, everything was completely different… To those who reads Russian and interested in, yes, French history, the site is worth a visit. As it often turns out, if not entirely EVERYTHING, still SOMETHING most definitely was completely different.

Happy New Year!

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