Chained To History


Artist imprisoned by ‘weight of history’ freed after 3 weeks (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)A Belgian performance artist, Mikes Poppe, chained to a block of marble for 20 days, became the victim of his own artistic metaphor when he had to be cut loose from the installation.

The eccentric artist created the project to demonstrate that it’s not possible to escape the burden of history.  Indeed, it isn’t. Mikes was unable to chisel himself free of the stone structure as originally intended.

“My performance has different layers of meaning,” he told VRT NWS beforehand. “For me marble is the sculpture, I chain myself to a piece of history, I take art history with me, and at the same time I build on it and let it go again.”

Poppe attached himself to a block of Carrara marble in the courthouse of Ostend, Belgium on November 10. He remained chained to the block 24 hours a day with no phone or computer for outside communication.

Besides working to break himself free, Poppe spent the remainder of his time eating, sleeping and drawing.

Poppe describes himself as an artist-cum-terrorist. He lasted 438 hours attached to the marble block by a 10 feet (about 3 meters) chain. He tried his darnedest to chisel away the stone, to no avail.

Entitled De Profundis, Poppe’s performance was part of a larger exhibition curated by Joanna De Vos. “This is not a failure, but a positive story,” De Vos said. Well, it depends on a point of view, I’d say.

The work, according to the Poppe’s intent, aims to show the life of an artist in a state of terminal loneliness and extreme concentration. Five cameras recorded the artist throughout the entire performance and broadcast online.




Meet The Artist: Victor Nizovtsev

Виктор Низовцев 1965 | Russian Fantasy painterVictor Nizovtsev is a Russian painter, a master of whimsical and narrative art.

His favorite subjects include fantasy landscapes, russian folklore, theatre and mermaids. Fashion designer, decorative painter, fine artist – these are the occupations of one person whom we are going to talk about in the following post. Victor Nizovtsev  exhibits his wonderful artworks all over the world. For today he lives in the United States where he continues his successful career. This talented Russian-American artist is known for his unique and imaginative paintings that are highly symbolic and leave the lasting impression on the viewers.

Виктор Низовцев 1965 | Russian Fantasy painter

Виктор Низовцев 1965 | Russian Fantasy painter

Виктор Низовцев 1965 | Russian Fantasy painter

Виктор Низовцев 1965 | Russian Fantasy painter
His works impress with the fantastic magic tone, vibrant colors, the amazing glaze and ever wonderful characters. One can talk for a long time about his art, but it’s better to see it one time and you are welcome to do it.

Виктор Низовцев 1965 | Russian Fantasy painter

An Alien Construction Project?

kic.PNGWhat in the name of the Holy Universe are they building over there?


On KIC 8462852

Who are THEY? 


You are seriously kidding, right?

No. It’s all over the media…

Over the course of days, this star [KIC 8462852] can dim by more than 20%, something that ordinary stars never do. Then it will brighten, followed by a relapse of darkening weeks or months later. The amount of dimming is variable, and doesn’t occur with the regular cadence that would mark the presence of an orbiting planet.

When this odd behavior was first recognized, several possible explanations were offered by Boyajian’s team. The most favored was the presence of large clouds of dust from disintegrated comets around Tabby’s star. The orbiting detritus would occasionally mask its light.

But a more intriguing explanation was also proffered: perhaps this star shelters a planet boasting a civilization older and more technically adept than our own. And perhaps these advanced beings have embarked on a massive engineering project, building phalanxes of orbiting solar panels to supply the energy needs of their society. This space-borne construction could cause the dimming.

To Be Or… Not

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none… including the Bard himself.

The Prince, the Dame, Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant:

UPDATE: Well, this clip stopped working on YouTube after a day or so. BBC on its site shows it only to the Brits, and perhaps to a few other chosen one. Try it, perhaps you are the one, too.

There is a “clip of a clip” in The Telegraph   Prince Charles plays Hamlet in brilliant BBC sketch alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen.

On May 3rd of this year, the world will mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.