Meet The Artist: Valentin Gubarev

Валентин Губарев.gifIn today’s world, obsessed with money and “capitalization” of everything including art, the artist Valentin Gubarev stands alone.

The Clear Advantage Of The Circular Point Of View

The Clear Advantage Of The Circular Point Of View

Gubarev doesn’t chase fame. He simply does what he loves to do, and he does it well.


Indian Summer

The artist lives and works in Minsk, Belarus. His work is incredibly popular abroad, but almost unknown to his compatriots.

And I'm worth it!

And I’m Worth It!

In the mid-90s, the French fell in love with Gubarev’s primitive-styled paintings. Consequently, the artist signed the 16 year contract with the French gallery.



The paintings, which seemingly should be understood and appreciated only by those who is familiar with the Russian life of the Soviet and early post-Soviet period, has been widely exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and other countries.

Waiting For The Sunrise

Waiting For The Sunrise

The artist perceives the world around his in a very sincere and direct way. Valentin Gubarev doesn’t dream up the subjects for his paintings. Why, if the inspiration is everywhere?

Little Bird

Little Bird

Destroying all the laws of composition and perspective, the artist creates a game of sorts — come with me, walk the walk, be a neighbor, play dominoes, watch your neighbors, chase stray dogs…



In one of his interviews Valentin Gubarev said that his paintings have no bad guys — no negative personages whatsoever.

Re-reading Schopenhauer

Re-reading Schopenhauer. (Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher. He is best known for his 1818 work The World as Will and Representation.)

“For example, in Slow Dance, a man with a woman are dancing at home. There are champagne and chocolates on the table.”

Slow Dance

Slow Dance

“I am often asked why a man is dancing in his socks? Isn’t it so in real life, too?  Our [Russian] man comes to visit a lady. He wants to please and impress with his manners. Of course, he takes off his shoes. A “man in socks” is no longer a macho — at once he becomes “domesticated,” easy to handle.  A man in socks in woman’s house is a gift of god.”gubarev4

“I love them all and I treat them with compassion,” says Gubarev. “The people on my canvasses are neither heroic nor particularly attractive. They are often not well off and not always carefree and happy.



Night Dreams

Night Dreams





2 comments on “Meet The Artist: Valentin Gubarev

  1. Dear Mister Valentin Gubarev,
    Congratulations for your paintings: really wonderfull. I like it very, very much. What a talent. And the atmosphere and humor. Really Marvallous!!!
    from Lucas, Belgian artist. e-mail:

  2. 31 03 2018

    Dear Mr. Gubarov,
    To look at your paintings gives me a wonderful feeling: the beautiful atmosphere, the mild humor and love for simple, vulnerable people, your wonderful outlook on nature and the environment in which you insert your characters.
    You are an excellent Narrator of life around you. I admire Your strong talent for composition too. This is art with a very warm heart.
    I wish you much success and inspiration.
    with friendly big ones,
    Can you send me your address, please.?
    lucas van parys, Belgian artist e-mail:

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